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The Receptionists

Elevator Music (Independent)

Review By Mark PaulHus

Elevator Music is what happens when you lock five Vancouver bike couriers in a room with a pile of ragged instruments and a couple flats of Pacific Pilsner. There is nothing brilliant or revolutionary about this album; nothing new or progressive. Elevator Music is exactly what it is supposed to be, simple, rambunctious party punk composed by guys with names like Newfie Mike and Crash Campbell Kid. The songs are laden with keyboards, punchy riffs and gruff, snotty vocals, all ripped out faster than a courier on a fixie weaving through downtown traffic on the last delivery on a Friday afternoon. These rowdy punks sound like they are having a blast, belting out songs like the posi-core anthem “Red Light Go,” the heartfelt opener “First Girl at the Alley Cat” or the ranting “Jaywalker.” Even the obnoxious cover of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” is somehow endearing. Elevator Music is far from mundane and definitely won’t allow itself to get lost in the background. It is the perfect soundtrack for a rambunctious, slaphappy summer night. The best part is they are staying true and giving it all away for free at https://thereceptionists.bandcamp.com.