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Vancouver Killing Spree

It’s Not About Murder… (Independent)

Review By Sarah Charrouf

Vancouver Killing Spree has recently released their five-track EP It’s Not About Murder… The band is comprised of Jesse Weymer, Jamieson Cleary and Brad Anderson. VKS mentioned a fan reviewing their music on Facebook by saying “It’s not punk, it’s not metal, it’s no rock, it’s not roll, it sounds like all those things got in a knife fight, and punk and roll won.”

This description definitely sheds light on the band’s sound. Another way to imagine what they sound like is to transport yourself to the now-deceased Calgary bar The Castle and to picture a room full of black tee shirts and blue jeans, hands waving in the air avoiding the inevitable point that they spill their Pilsner or Kokanee while sweaty bodies jump and smash around.

Drum fills and heavy bass dominate this punk album, while the lead guitarist pays heed to the power chord. The lyrics, sung by Anderson, have filled a space somewhere between political and love poetry. More than anything, though, it sounds like the three of them are having fun. To get a full grasp of this three-piece punk band, you’re best off seeing them live. Vancouver Killing Spree is playing the Bourbon, March 13. Go forth and listen!