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Two Tears

Eat People (Kind Turkey Records)

Review by Slavko Bucifal

Eat People
It’s unclear exactly why “Senso Unico,” the B-side of Kerry Davis’ latest seven-inch under the moniker of Two Tears, wasn’t merely tossed aside in favour of some other tracks. On it, the one time Red Aunts leader, currently a staple as a solo artist in the New York female punk scene, drudges out a lazy tremolo twang to support her repetitive wail of “I hate my life.” For three-and-a-half minutes, the track pairs a three-chord pattern with constant psychological self-abuse. Interestingly, given the rather ponderous theme and mood, the song, like the seven-inch as a whole, beckons to be played over and over again.
Perhaps the B-side is welcomed as a member of the family because the flip side, featuring “Eat People” and “Hiesse Hexe,” is excellent. Both tracks are much livelier and share a sing-a-long quality, while maintaining a minimalist punk spirit through catchy guitar work and tight sounding skins. “Eat People” is the highlight, with its ultra-cool, raunchy vibe and lyrics that might be described as Davis’ recipe for cannibalism. “Hiesse Hexe” has more of a sweet candy punk sound, though its title, according to online translators, might have something to do with a witch and a certain kind of transformation. Davis chooses softer vocals and a more refined melody for this one and the result is completely different from the other two tracks on the record. This gives the eight-minute release a surprising sense of diversity. The feature tracks are immediately accessible and instantly memorable, yet there is a strange unexplained yearning to revisit the B-side time and time again, perhaps to understand it, or perhaps to revel in its unadulterated honesty. In any event, the seven-inch is definitely worth a spin and, as any good seven-inch will do, it will keep you wanting more.