Under Review

The Albertans

The Hunter EP (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

by Robert Fougère

The Albertans - The Hunter

  The Albertan’s new seven-inch EP, The Hunter, is a three-song synesthetic masterpiece. The A-side of the album is dedicated to the six-minute-long title track, which recounts a timeless tale of man/boy versus nature. The mood for the hunt is set by the pulsing keyboard which continues like clockwork for the first two minutes of the song, backed by minimal drumming and guitar hammers as lead singer Joel Bravo declares, “Open for the season/ Grab a gun/ Grab a bow/ Out there with your father.”

  The length of the track affords the band the opportunity to build tension to gut-wrenching heights, calling to mind woodsy imagery of stalking and evasion until contact is made and a killer riff and keyboard solo signal that the hunt is on. A shift to the heavy side and a chorus of primal “Ooohhhhs,” signal the slaughter and perhaps ultimately, a profound loss of innocence.

  The recording of this track is a real triumph for the Albertans in terms of how successfully they’ve managed to capture the magic and dynamics of their live show in wax.

  The B-side is equally engaging, and split between two tracks, “Powers,” and, “Ohio.” “Powers” seems to borrow a bit more from the Albertans’ previous album New Age, cruising within familiar realms. The final track, “Ohio” does a great job at capturing the bands warmth and cleanness, blending Bravo’s gently reverberated guitar with melodic violin-style synth highlights, and rounds the album off nicely.