Under Review

Viami Mice

Civilzation (Independent)

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

Viami Mice is a collaboration between Ryan Parchanski and Kristi Lane Sinclair. Coming together over a deep love of beer and goth music, the locals have produced a seriously bizarre album titled Civilzation.

The best way to describe the tracks is to say that they are deeply rooted in Avant Garde synthwave with a heavy dose of black eyeliner goth thrown in for good measure.

“Cereal” is full of jarring, abrupt beats with vocals that moan, “Cereal…thou shalt give me cereal…cereal.”

“Forever Yours” follows in a similar vein with constricted vocals and convulsive beats. “In Harmony’s Way” is one of the more accessible tracks on the album. While beginning with a new wave vibe similar to Gary Numan’s “Cars,” the song shifts halfway through, with loads of guitar reverb finishing off the track quite nicely.

The album has an experimental feel that messes with the mind. It is easy to get distracted as it is unclear if Viami Mice are taking the piss or if they are dead serious. Or are they dead serious about taking the piss? Civilzation is an adventure in the absurd.