Under Review

This Will Destroy You

Tunnel Blanket (Suicide Squeeze Records)

Review By Kamil Krawczyk

It starts with a shiver down your spine, the familiar tingling sensation that lingers in the crevices of your thoughts, then, all of a sudden, a crash, a bang, flares out, and all the placid joy of the last few seconds are shattered by an explosion of sound.

In short, this is the best way to describe This Will Destroy You’s second LP, Tunnel Blanket. From soft, elegant passages to horribly distorted leads, this post-rock adventure is well composed, drawing inspiration from many notable artists, primarily Mogwai, Red Sparowes and even Radiohead. The formula is simple: start peacefully and build up. Fuel a musical ruckus with discordance and fury, then drop back. Remove the trembling guitars and drums and replace them with soft piano and white noise.

Some tracks stand above the rest (notably “Communal Blood,” with its interesting percussion), and unfortunately, some are a little harder to appreciate (see “Glass Realms,” a slow, piano-driven song that crescendos into noise). For best results, one must truly appreciate the genre and its nuances to appreciate all eight tracks.

This lush record provides many streams of creativity, allowing one to embrace experimentation and wonder at the results. Tunnel Blanket is a good album, but does not reinvent the wheel—it sticks to tried and true formulas, though its tracks are beyond the mainstream expectation.