Pat Jordache

Pat Jordache- Radio If there is an upper echelon of the Canadian indie elite, Pat Jordache are among the royal few. The Montreal rockers will…

Hawk and Steel

Driving down bumpy, country rock-washed back roads, forward leaning but willing to wind up on a Whiskeytown detour to fill up their tank, is Victoria’s…


Siskiyou certainly couldn’t have had more humble of a beginning. Last year’s self-titled debut emerged from simple collaborations between singer-songwriter Colin Huebert and guitarist Erik…

Blackout Beach

“Beautiful Burning Desire” by Blackout Beach “It’s kind of a grandiose teenage statement,” Blackout Beach main man Carey Mercer laughs into the phone of his…

Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder- Slip Away Kathryn Calder is having fun. A great deal of fun. And even if she isn’t, it certainly sounds like it. Both…

Under Review


Tape V (Planet of the Tapes)

41st & Home

Wilderness Eyes O.W.L. Remix Collection (Independent)


The Bird-Man Movement Team


Real Live Action


w/ Christopher Smith & The Beckon Call, and Andrew Lee

Cut Copy

w/ Midnight Magic<

Jamison Troy

w/ Terra Lightfoot, Scotty Mack, and Selkies

Secret Pyramid

w/ Fieldhead, No UFOs, Connect_icut, and Cloudface

Shearing Pinx

w/ Hermit Thrushes, Weed, and Village


w/ Mountains