Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Gregory Adams

We’re currently crammed into the Discorder office up at UBC scarfing down candy, some of us in costume mind you, but by the time this issue hits you, the ghost of Halloween will be long gone. That said, we’re all gearing up for another fall season tradition at the station, CiTR’s annual Fundrive.

CiTR and its accompanying publication, Discorder magazine, are non-profit organizations partially funded by UBC and its students, but every once in a while we look to our listeners/readers to help us fill in the gaps. The payoff is in our wonderful, community-based programming. Just leaf though our schedule and you’ll note countless radio shows, hosted by volunteers with a passion for a wide variety of musical styles, as well as the fine arts, politics, sports and more. CiTR is a valuable tool for the broadcasters of tomorrow, providing hands-on experience to those looking to enter the field as an on-air personality or even behind the scenes as a sound engineer.

Similarly, Discorder is a breeding ground for budding journalists, providing an outlet for writers wanting to dish the goods on Vancouver’s local music scene. Whether you want to write about established artists like Kathryn Calder or Blackout Beach’s Carey Mercer, who you can read about this issue, or break the city’s best new band in a live review, Discorder is here for you to do just that. Our office door is almost always open, and we’re available around the clock over e-mail, so give us a shout. At the very least, volunteering with the organization will expose you to some cool tunes and our awesome and extremely spirited team.

This year marks the seventh Fundrive, and it runs November 17-24. Throughout this time, a cast of CiTR characters, both staff and volunteer, will bunk up in our office lounge, offering up a pile of goodies to anyone who calls in to make a charitable donation to the station. Along the way they’ll be sprucing things up with some good tunes and conversation, no doubt.

We’ll be holding Fundrive activities outside of the office as well, with a DJ competition November 18 at the Pit Pub and our Fundrive Finale at the Biltmore Cabaret on November 25, featuring Womankind, Shimmering Stars, Synthcake, World Club, Shearing Pinx and Love Cuts. We hope you can make it out, or at least tune in for a few minutes, because we wouldn’t be here without you.

Discorderly Yours,

Gregory Adams

P.S. On another note, following a two-year run, this issue marks Lindsey Hampton’s last appearance as Discorder’s Art Director. Between laying out each issue, conducting photo shoots and submitting the occasional last minute illustration, Lindsey re-imagined the magazine into the gorgeous publication you’re holding in your hands, and we thank her. You can keep up with her work either by looking around town or on her blog:

While I’m at it, I’d like to introduce our new Art Director Jaz Halloran, who co-helmed the issue with Lindsey. He has a website too: https://www.