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41st & Home

Wilderness Eyes O.W.L. Remix Collection (Independent)

by Kamil Krawczyk

Despite ostensibly listening to the same track four times, I felt something unique hidden deep in 41st & Home’s charity single, the Wilderness Eyes O.W.L. Remix Collection. While some may find the record paltry, sparse, or dull, it is in fact surprisingly varied, entertaining and well done. Oh, and how about the icing on the cake? All the proceeds go to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, a non-profit aimed at helping birds of prey.

“But,” you might say, “what about the actual music?” It’s fresh. It’s fun. “But it’s only one new song, how is that possible?” Simply put, the three remixes that accompany the track are so original, it’s easy to forget that they are, in fact, variations of the same song. “Wilderness Eyes” is a lush and dreamy melody featuring wonderful vocal harmonies by the whole band. But the standout from this gem of an EP is the group’s rap remix entitled “2 Wilderness 4 yr Eyez,” a hilarious attempt at suburban rapping with a light-hearted feel.

The remaining tracks are downtempo electronic re-imaginings, two relaxing experiences that, despite being subtle changes from the original, bring a feeling of peace and originality. 41st & Home are doing it right—not only are they raising money for a very unique cause, they’re having fun and making some jovial music, and that deserves some attention.