As Ancients sit in the control room of The Hive Creative Labs in Burnaby, mid-way through recording their debut album, the four members of the…

Said The Whale

The greats of Canadian music share the same plight, as far as catching on in the United States. Neil Young made it. So did Nickelback….


In an interview from 2008, Lady Gaga puckered up and planted a kiss on an issue of Discorder Magazine. The cover featured a photo of…

Shearing Pinx

On the edge of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, two members of local noise-punks Shearing Pinx have just entered what they call the Abbot Street Moldy Village….

Bleating Hearts

“There are more people here tonight than all of our other shows combined,” Hasan Li says from a crowded Waldorf stage. It’s a Friday night…

From Birch To Yew

Norika Yue is the one-man band behind SHiNDiG 2011’s third place act, From Birch to Yew. Though just 18-years-old, it was surprising to observe how…

Under Review

Mac DeMarco

Rock and Roll Night Club Extended EP


Real Live Action


with Aunts & Uncles, and Kingsgate Chorus. February 24 @ Interurban Gallery.


w/ Stack Steady, HouseHold, and La the Darkman

Chains of Love

with Lost Lovers Brigade, Ville Kulla, and Slim Fathers. February 16th @ The Biltmore.

Rae Spoon

w/ E.S.L, and Tanya Davis

Apollo Ghosts

with Jay Arner, and Movieland.
February 10 @ The Zoo Zhop.


w/ Ville Kulla, and Free City Collective.

Greenback High

w/ The Jolts, Real Problems, and Crystal Swells

Jeremy Jay

w/ Nucular Aminals, and Girlfriends & Boyfriends