Under Review

Dogwood and Dahlia

The Sea EP

by Liya Zhuang

Dogwood and Dahlia - The Sea EP

Dogwood and Dahlia’s five song EP, The Sea, released in December, is the followup to last year’s Nice to Meet You. The EP opens with an upbeat, exciting mood that praises the beauty of the Vancouver ocean-scape. Singer Sydney Torne expresses her gratitude to live in the beautiful place, as she repeats “You look beautiful today,” in her cheerful tone, which emphasizes the appealing beauty of the sea. The Sea seems to track the growth from cheerful childhood to mature adulthood, while the music turns up perfect pieces of melody.

On “Wild Oats”, Neil Smith recalls his rebellious youth, when he indulged himself with smoking and drinking. In the song “Lancaster Bomber”, Dogwood and Dahlia sing an ode to the bittersweet history of the Vancouver sea, as the expressive lyrics mix with the sound of a trumpet and banjo, carrying a mood of deep meditation.

Throughout the EP, both male and female voices are playful, and together relieve the overall sorrowful atmosphere. This is emphasized with lyrics like, “We joined the choir / We sang aloud together a song/ That made the fire lighter.” The fifth song “Whoso List” is referenced from the story of Sir Thomas Wyatt’s poem “Whoso List to Hunt”. It expresses the singers’ passion in pursuing their beloved, but ultimately, felt sore.