Pat Lok

“I’m working on a track at the moment that I started in Mexico when I was really drunk after this 6 a.m. gig. You know,…


“We’ve learned nothing about anything, and we’ve forgotten most of what we knew.” Drummer Bruce Dyck may be quick to crack wise about the five…

Dirty Spells

“We were eating nachos the last time you interviewed us, too.” The last time I sat down with Dirty Spells—for the April 2012 issue of…

Horses Records

Far from the bustling Main Street patios and sun-speckled coastline of English Bay, I’m crossing the intersection of East Hastings and Nanaimo, the epicentre of…

Under Review

Kubla Khan

Pincushion Man (Independent)


Much Less Normal (1080p)

The Mants

The Mants (Shake! Records)


Best New Music (Yellow Plum Records)



Re: Editor’s Note

This article is a response to the feedback received from the July/August Editor's Note, "A shticky situation."

Real Live Action

Outside Dog

with Summering
July 25 @ Eagle Time Recording


w/ Weird Candle


with N.213's Group Vision & Gretchen Snakes
July 6 @ Horses Records


w/ Soupcans & Tycho


with Blackout Beach
June 12 @ The Rickshaw Theatre