Under Review

The Ruffled Feathers

Bottom of the Blue (Independent)

review by Natalie Hoy

The Ruffled Feathers waste no time charming hearts and minds alike with their latest release, Bottom of the Blue. Channeling themes of transience and reconciliation amongst sweet harmonies and soaring instrumentals, the Vancouver six-piece paint lush soundscapes that flow effortlessly from one to the next. It’s rather easy to be swept up into their diverse, instrumental driven chamber rock when they execute it so well.

It Doesn’t Last” is a folk pop-tinged tune with the ability to entice listeners in its opening notes. The airy vocals provided by Gina Loes complement its sentimental nature; life is littered with such short and insignificant moments, and it is the questions like, “What would it take to forget where I’ve been?” and “Will I find my destination?” that remain. The most energetic effort on the release, “It Doesn’t Last” is a shining reminder of the band’s unique sound with its pleasing harmonies and distinctive trumpet.

Taking cues from classical and jazz pieces glorified far before their time, “Little Sister” and “Tough Love” exude smooth harmonies with an indie pop twist. The latter could have been pulled straight from an old Hollywood musical, with Loes lamenting of lost love: “I was breaking your heart while my own fell to pieces.”

Closing the EP, “Siberian Springtime” is an effervescent listen that has a little in it for everyone. Hints of classical, jazz, and folk are accompanied by heavier rock chords, demonstrating that the band isn’t afraid to experiment with different genres. Seemingly about the separation that comes with the changing of a season, “Siberian Springtime” has an undeniable summer charm with its quirky vocals and carefully crafted melodies. Though I consider the majority of their lyrics left up to interpretation, I found the last lines rather fitting and poignant: “Siberian spring time / It’s cruel and it’s kind / It gives back what it takes from you / Most of the time.”

Nothing short of a masterpiece, Bottom of the Blue is a wonderful release from a band full of youthful energy, ample musicianship and originality to boot.