DB Buxton

If you’ve walked down Granville Street on a Saturday night within the last year, there is a good chance that you’ve already met Daniel Benjamin…


After a more than six-year hiatus from shocking the inner core of fans’ ear drums and minds, Propagandhi—Canada’s foremost political-thrash, metal-punk band—played at the Rickshaw…

Instrumental Love: Fine Mist

“I was surprised that you wanted to talk to us about our gear, because we don’t even really use much gear,” Jay Arner commented as…

Instrumental Love: MT-40

Reginald Bowls and Sophie Sweetland rehearse in a Downtown Eastside loft that acts as a work space shared by nine artists, working in all different…

Instrumental Love: Bison BC

Dan And, the amiable guitarist-vocalist for Vancouver’s reigning thrash metal kings Bison BC, was more than happy to welcome us into their jam space and…

DJ Static

In the back room of Shine, an understated DJ spins for a modest crowd. He pumps out the funkiest beats on this side of the…

Boogie Monster

The name Boogie Monster may suggest beefy funked out dance parties ripe with horn sections and DJ’s scratchin’, but you ought not to judge a…

Under Review


Real Live Action


September 25 @ Commodore Ballroom

Shindig Night #5

w/ Kidnap Kids!, Move On Citizen and the Receptionists

Quadruple Dare

w/ Adjective, The Good News, Junior Major and Fake Shark-Real Zombie!

Shindig Night #4

w/ Jody Glenham, Lengthy List of Lovers and Tigerhead




with An Horse, September 23 @ Biltmore Cabaret