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Do Make Say Think

Other Truths


Review By Miné Salkin

Do Make Say Think - Other Truths
Do Make Say Think – Other Truths

Ambient post-rock veterans return to the basics with their sixth album Other Truths, an homage to their instrumental wall of sound tradition leading to a psychic oblivion. Together with musicians from Akron/Family and Lullabye Arkestra, the album sounds much like a live exploration of humanity’s deepest commonality: the process between thought and action.

Opening track “Do” starts up optimistically, with catchy distorted guitar riffs, building up to a montage of cataclysmic orchestral proportions. The second song “Make” follows the same structure, but is far more emotive and thoughtful, as if it was reaching for authenticity. Do Make Say Think is no stranger to brass instruments, the trumpet and saxophone add tremendous sensual texture to “Say.” Like their other albums, Other Truths is almost entirely instrumental, which gives a sensation of dialogue between the passages and the instruments themselves.

The album trails off contemplatively with their fourth track “Think,” a slow meticulous exploration of this other and final truth—the fourth facet of historical human consciousness. Other Truths points to the process, the moments in between thoughts, actions and the question of free will. To Do, Make, Say, Think is to be human.