Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

From Nov. 12 to Nov. 26 it’s Fundrive at CiTR 101.9 FM. Our magazine comes out because CiTR feels that it’s important that Discorder provide coverage of Vancouver’s independent music scene, as it has been for the last 25 years or so. CiTR provides us with an office to work out of and funding to keep this magazine on the street. Discorder and CiTR are a crucial voice in Vancouver and if you appreciate the coverage of Vancouver’s vibrant music and culture that we provide, you should consider donating. CiTR provides programming for music that could never get on mainstream radio, but CiTR also provides a home for experimental, classical, punk, metal, reggae, bluegrass, folk and hip-hop just to name a small smattering of the genres on the station. CiTR’s DJs are dedicated volunteers who do their radio shows out of a simple desire to impart some of their vast music knowledge onto the general public.

I haven’t even mentioned the talk programs that are on CiTR, which allow listeners to hear unique shows about everything from comedy and the arts to news and sports. If you want to see all of them check out CiTR’s program guide.

CiTR and Discorder help you learn about the things that you want to know about. We try to maintain an ongoing dialogue with you, our readers about what you want to see in the magazine. If you feel like you are a part of the CiTR and Discorder community than you should consider donating to this year’s fund drive. The money you donate is going to go back to providing quality coverage of bands and issues that you feel are important.

Not only is a contribution to CiTR during this fund drive a valuable contribution to your community, but it is also one that comes with prizes! If you donate $30 you get a “Friends of CiTR” card that gets you discounts at great local businesses (for a list of all of them see page 3). If you donate the special $101.9 you will be given a limited edition CiTR Fundrive T-Shirt. These shirts will only be available to people who donate during the fund drive. Last year’s were designed by Sean Maxey, whose art is currently on the cover of Discorder. There’s more prizes for bigger donations, but I won’t spend all of this note listing them. Tune in to CiTR during the fundraiser for more details. Since CiTR is registered as a charitable organization, if none of the prizes appeal to you, you can still get a nice tax deduction on any donation over $10.

If these amounts seem big, think about how much that is for a whole year of quality radio programming. A $30 donation is only eight cents a day over a whole year of listening.

Finally and most importantly, CiTR is the sole reason Discorder exists and ever existed. If you love this magazine please don’t hesitate to donate during the fund drive. Say you’re doing it just for us and let CiTR know you care!

Jordie Yow