Real Live Action

Shindig Night #5

w/ Kidnap Kids!, Move On Citizen and the Receptionists

Railway Club; October 13, 2009

Review By Duncan McHugh

Kidnap Kids, photo by Kate Henderson
Kidnap Kids, photo by Kate Henderson

Kidnap Kids opened Night Five of Shindig. One of the most exciting new pop bands in town, they had to be considered the night’s favourite. However, with their bassist disqualified by Shindig rules (he’s competing with his other band, Half Chinese) and co-singer and xylophonist Celina Kurz fighting illness, the band seemed to be lacking some of their usual exuberance. They were also heckled by foot fetishists, which was creepy. Still, they managed to pull together a fun set of songs about ghosts, fireworks and pedophiles, most of which are on their new CD, You Would Run From Ratboy Grave, which one of the band member’s dad was selling in the audience.

Move On Citizen don’t have a CD, but they did ask for money; the request fell on deaf ears. Unfortunately, much of their set was received equally warmly. They played competent indie rock that faintly reminded me of Sonic Youth.

The wildcard of the night were the Receptionists. Made up of a group of raucous bike couriers, their sloppy punk seemed more fitting for the Cobalt (R.I.P.) than the Railway. They were certainly the most energetic band of the night, and their bassist tried to bring a bit of showmanship to the proceedings, playing shirtless with a horse mask over his head. “I’m fuckin’ shitfaced,” screamed the lead singer, one of several drunken and excited bons-mots that peppered the set and kept things lively. I thought the Receptionists might pull it off, but in the end, the judges sided with Kidnap Kids and sent them on to the Shindig semifinals