Real Live Action

Pink Mountaintops

w/ The Pack AD

Rickshaw Theatre; September 27, 2009

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Pink Mountaintops, photo by Val Cormier
Pink Mountaintops, photo by Val Cormier

With the non-ticket-holder lineup stretching down Hastings nearly to Main Street, I thankfully breezed into the beautifully restored Rickshaw Theatre for a holy stoner revival of the musical variety. For the last couple of years I have been hearing rumours about the awesomeness that is the Pack AD, but it was only hours before show time that I gave them a glance on the YouTubes to see what they had. On screen they seemed mighty enough and definitely catered to my fondness for dirty blues metal, but gosh all high and mighty I had no clue just how insane this local two-piece would be. Sneering, sweat drenched and playing hard, it took about five seconds for a band crush to blossom and another five for total adoration. Vicious awesome bluesy goodness brought forth by two cool gals who have great chemistry together. Skin tight and loud as hell, I shall follow this band to the ends of time.

Soon after the Pack AD bowed out, the funny smelling blue smoke started to rise as the Rickshaw filled with an assortment of jean-jacketed longhairs, anticipating the arrival and homecoming of Steve McBean’s recently toured ‘other’ project, Pink Mountaintops. Opening with “Axis: Thrones of Love” the crowd was lulled into a happy, trippy state that stayed until the last notes were played. The collective swayed and clutched each other as they stared lovingly through glazed out eyes while McBean and pals delivered the sonic goods. Songs like “I (Fuck) Mountains” got beefed up while “Slaves” was hypnotic, picture perfect and had people enraptured. It was a great set played with a peaceful but powerful force that left beards akimbo and the good vibes flowing. And you couldn’t have asked for a better venue either. The power of awesome music hath stoned the masses once again!