Same Band, New Scene

“Since we’ve come back from the tour, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we’ve been playing to different people, playing to new people, and things are opening up a little bit.”

In Conversation

Andrew Yong Hoon Lee of Holy Hum & Alex Zhang Hungtai of Last Lizard

I first met Alex in Vancouver of 2010. We were working on an exhibition for artist, Howie Tsui who used to play in the band…

Inherent Vices

You Don't Have To Agree

“Things happen with people, it’s not the be all and end all of who they are.”

Gal Gracen

Growing Up Gal Gracen

“I think most people write or create art organically, but I tend to reverse-engineer ideas.”

Les Chaussettes

Nobody Puts Les Chaussettes In A Drawer

Just inside the caged doors of recording studio Little Red Sounds, Les Chaussettes’ lead vocalist and guitarist Jovana Golubovic leans against a folding screen, putting…

Aileen Bryant

Saying Yes

“All the nerves are in your voice and they become a character that you overcome.”

Under Review

Real Live Action

Are We Not?

w/ Tim The Mute, DUMB, shitlord fuckerman, SLIP~ons, and The Plodes


w/ Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som


w/ Fountain, Tough Customer, Hick


w/ Owl Skowl, Sex With Strangers


w/ Head Wound City