Hot Head

A Letter To Oi Punks Of Vancouver


Y’all got razor blades dangling from your ears, Crass patches on your leather jackets, literal mohawks (hi it’s 2016), covered in spikes and chains, sing about your righteous politics yet can’t apply those politics to your own community. I’m not talking about all the punks in Vancouver, I’m talking to the posers you know who you are. Your sink is fuchsia from the Punky Colours you used to die half your ‘hawk while blaring “God Save The Queen” and your girlfriend gives herself a big A anarchy stick and poke in a pile of empty 2 litre Growers Cider bottles. Vancouver has a solid community of aware and community-conscious punks who are doing great work watching out for each other, keeping the creeps out and living the politics they represent. But you are not them. You are Google-Punks: the first page of results in a Google image search of “PUNK”. Why don’t you start applying the politics you wear as patches on your leather jacket to your own community? Is it because you’re in a cult and you’re just protecting the powerful men with the most social capital? Or does that kind of stuff only happen to other communities like those garbage hipsters and loser chongos? It would never happen in your sacred punk community, right? Oi oi.


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