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If you reside in Vancouver and consider yourself an expert in the local music scene, then you are bound to have heard of lié. The…



Redefining Punk

For Debby Friday, the “punk” in her recent EP BITCHPUNK‘s title isn’t an aesthetic, or even just a musical genre. Instead, she tells me, it’s…


Unleashing Hounds


“Get the arms nice and buff, Kati, ‘cause we’re going two times faster.”




“I was supposed to be singing, but I was just screaming.”

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“Stop! Singing songs about your ex! Stop! Singing songs about the ocean!” — It is in the final moments of Meditation Tape that Vancouver band…

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Cheap High

Cheap High has been described as both a punk and a post-punk band, and truthfully, it is both. Subterranean Suburbia successfully marries the two genres,…



On Doing It Yourself, The Zombie Apocalypse, And A Hidden Punk Paradise

“We always had people just come in to record and perform with us who weren’t necessarily members of the band. It’s not so much the name, it’s just producing music that we care about.”


A Letter To Oi Punks Of Vancouver

Y’all got razor blades dangling from your ears, Crass patches on your leather jackets, literal mohawks (hi it’s 2016), covered in spikes and chains, sing…

Real Live Action

Music Waste Fest Part 3

For Music Waste I checked out SBC Restaurant, the new incarnation of the legendary Smiling Buddha Cabaret, to see Gun Control, Durban Poison, Dumb and…

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Red Dons

Released in Europe through Taken By Surprise Records in August, 2015, The Dead Hand of Tradition has been made available to North American audiences, courtesy…