Sasquatch: Comedy

If there’s one thing that comedians Bobcat Goldthwait and Craig Robinson have in common, it’s that they’ve both co-starred alongside John Cusack. If there’s another,…

Sasquatch: Music

If it weren’t for Mumford & Sons, most Sasquatch-goers might have let their Saturday afternoon hangovers convince them to stay in their tents. “Little Lion…


SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are used to treat anxiety. SSRIs can also be used to treat insomnia and premature ejaculating. Though more melodic…

Bronx Cheer

Anyone who’s seen Bronx Cheer’s digital shorts, the With Friends Like These online sitcom or the Mental Beast web series, probably associates group founders Craig…

Paul Anthony

No discussion about cable-access television is complete without a reference to the 1992 semi-classic Wayne’s World, the A Star is Born of no-budget television. When…

Colin Cowan

If you were to apply a razor to Vancouver’s burgeoning comedy scene, you would discover that a few key players are responsible for weaving a…

Pump Trolley

Upon asking where their name comes from, one answer I get is that it conveys a beautiful image of people working together. And in this…

Pony Hunters

After seeing a particularly stirring speech from a fan at a Star Trek convention, Kaitlin Fontana from Pony Hunters felt particularly moved—as if she finally…


“There’s a lot of dick jokes,” Cam MacLeod said in describing ManHussy. ManHussy is a video-based sketch comedy group consisting of MacLeod, Daniel Code, Steve…

Rip Rip Roar

Rip Rip Roar is a fresh sketch and improv comedy duo consisting of Lauren Cochrane and Aaron Merke. They have been working together for four…

Graham Clark

Five years before Brent Butt was known as the face of the most successful Canadian sitcom in television history, the star of Corner Gas hosted…

Holy Discorder History!

Check out The Evaporators & Nardwuar performing at Discorder’s 50th issue party back in 1987:

Under Review

Xiu Xiu

Dear God, I Hate Myself (Kill Rock Stars)


Riff Raff

"...a rock ‘n’ roll path of good times."

Real Live Action


with Toro Y Moi, May 29 @ Rickshaw Theatre

Frog Eyes

w/ Shane Turner Overdrive & In Medias Res


w/ Fol Chen