Pony Hunters

'Is this what going to church is like?'

Illustration by Merida Anderson
Illustration by Merida Anderson

After seeing a particularly stirring speech from a fan at a Star Trek convention, Kaitlin Fontana from Pony Hunters felt particularly moved—as if she finally belonged.

“I turned to Nicole [Passmore] and said, ‘Is this what going to church is like?’”

The two-woman sketch comedian crew that makes up Pony Hunters has an affinity for Star Trek and will incorporate it into as much of their work as possible. The duo puts together a series of sketches that often incorporates Star Trek as a regular talking point. Their sketches focus not on a regular supply of punch lines, but on attempting to bring the audience in on the jokes that Fontana and Passmore, two veterans of Vancouver’s improv scene, share.

So while their live reenactment of Garfield comic strips doesn’t have any more jokes than the original strip, the absurd concept of recreating Jim Davis’ famous feline comic done very, very seriously is something the two find to be quite hilarious.

“We care about performing and just being on stage and being passionate about it,” said Passmore.

Working in the male-dominated world of sketch comedy, they do identify as feminists, but as you can see in the aforementioned examples, they don’t hit you over the head with it. “We love our dude friends and we love our dude comedy, but variety is the spice of life,” said Fontana.

To see Pony Hunters you can check out their website www.ponyhunters.ca, watch for their upcoming production of Shitty Spock and watch them perform as part of Rosa Parks (check www.rosaparksimprov.com for more details).