Tin Lorica & Savannah Erasmus

A Personal Take on Comedy

If the whole point of comedy is that it is relatable, how does one make a minority experience funny? For Tin Lorica and Savannah Erasmus,…


Jay Bagasbas

It’s late night at Fortune Sound Club and Jay Bagasbas is mixing the club’s music in the middle of the dance floor with an iPad….


Francesca Belcourt

They're Not Songs, They're Zongs

“That’s why I called it Zongs,” she says, “because I don’t really think about them as songs. They’re just something weirder than that to me.”


Heroes of Shindig: Part I

You can smell it, hanging in the dry air: the subtle whiff of mothballs on vintage merino wool; the woodsy perfume of beard oil, wafting…


Rec Centre

Alex Hudson's Monster of the Week

“Rather be restless / than barely have a heartbeat / waking up a monster / you know that it’s a good week.” Lyrics from Monster…


Good for Grapes

There isn’t a formula for what makes a band great. Every so often, a group comes along with the right sounds, energy, and optimism to…


Kyle Bottom

“I do stand-up, I work at my job, and I play League of Legends. That’s me in a nutshell,” says Kyle Bottom, quite bluntly. The…


Rain City Recorders

Jesse Gander is undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s best independent recording engineers. He’s the kind of person who, despite the impressive resume that he’s built over…