Why am I dedicating an editor’s note to submission guidelines? Here are a couple reasons:

  1. There is a good chance that the person reading this is doing something creative or radical, or knows someone who is, and will consider this note a nudge to tell us about it.
  2. Perhaps the reader is one of the rare individuals who has sent rude emails or posted insults to social media because we couldn’t mention their press release. Unapologetically, this note is for them, too.

To let Discorder know about upcoming exhibitions, gigs, collectives, or community initiatives, send us an email 4-6 weeks in advance. Full press releases aren’t necessary, just a few sentences will do. The most important thing is that we have enough time to consider the topic for print. We plan articles one full month in advance. Because every feature and column is a collaboration between interviewees or artists, writers, illustrators and photographers — all graciously volunteering their time — we need a lot of notice.

For general submissions or questions, contact

To request a live show or performance review, send details to If the event is selected for review, we will respond requesting two media passes — one for a writer and one for a photographer.

Unlike other sections, Discorder’s Under Review doesn’t require 4-6 weeks notice for album reviews, but we prioritize new releases. Email digital download codes to, or send physical copies to:

Discorder Magazine c/o CiTR 101.9FM
LL500 – 6133 University Blvd.
Vancouver, B.C.

To submit albums or singles for airplay on CiTR 101.9FM, send copies addressed to the Music Department at CiTR, or email codes to

Got something to say, positive or negative? We circulate 8,000 issues of Discorder each month… which is probably stronger than your Facebook reach. Our letters section is Hot Head, and submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis through or snail mail to the address above.

Every announcement or update we receive is pitched to contributors during monthly meetings, and discussed together as a masthead. Thank you for your submissions!

Let’s keep in touch.