Bronx Cheer

“We’re all sort of in bed with each other”

Illustration by Linsdey Hampton
Illustration by Linsdey Hampton

Anyone who’s seen Bronx Cheer’s digital shorts, the With Friends Like These online sitcom or the Mental Beast web series, probably associates group founders Craig Anderson and Conner Holler with the well-meaning, clueless characters they portray and the deadpan, quietly observant humor they uncover. But this digital output—and its narrative, character-based approach—is only part of the overall equation. (Viewable at

Their bi-monthly live show is a loose, freewheeling mix of ideas and media, with everything from old-fashioned stage banter and characters, to non sequitur absurdism. The Hero Show (the title of each month’s first show) features a variety of local solo comedy acts with Cam McLeod as the host (you can read more about it on the next page). The second show features Bronx Cheer teaming up with an informally recurring cast of comics and sketch groups performing skits, telling jokes and showing videos. “We’re all sort of in bed with each other,” stated Anderson, referring to the large group of comic talent he semi-sincerely brands “The Vancouver Comedy Players.”

This live show, currently going on at the China Cloud Theatre on the first and third Tuesday of every month, has always been and is likely to be Bronx Cheer’s primary focus, according to Anderson. “The videos are more project-to-project,” he said, “but the live shows have always been happening. That’s what I really enjoy doing.”