"The audience will have to sign a waiver to enter”

Illustration by Tyler Crich
Illustration by Tyler Crich

“There’s a lot of dick jokes,” Cam MacLeod said in describing ManHussy.

ManHussy is a video-based sketch comedy group consisting of MacLeod, Daniel Code, Steve Nelson and Peter Hadfield that specializes in a blend of absurdity and crassness. The crassness shows through in dick jokes and gross-out humour while the absurdity shows through in a dedication to surrealness that causes characters to emerge screaming from beneath cushions—and if you see them live, you might find them right next to you in a sketch-like situation.

“We kind of have our niche and we’re sticking to it,” MacLeod said about the group’s dedication to keeping the ManHussy feel. While other groups may explore new ground together, ManHussy is dedicated to their established themes. If any of the members want to explore other creative avenues, they tend to start separate projects.

In addition to ManHussy, they put together a comedy series called Total that consists of a number of sketches with some sort of narrative arc tying them together. In the future they have Total Pool Party planned, which will take place at an actual pool, with a BBQ and swimming. The comedy will happen spontaneously, surprising the audience when it appears. Another project they have planned is Total Paranoia: “I can’t give too much about that one, but the audience will have to sign a waiver to enter,” said MacLeod.

Check out ManHussy when they perform at Comedy Waste on Thursday, June 3 and keep an eye on their website ( for their videos and future appearances.