Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dear Discorder:

About a month or two ago I was chatting with Lindsey Hampton, Discorder’s art director. She had just returned from touring with her band the Friendship & the Fawn and had an interesting story to tell. While on tour she had mentioned how everyone involved in Vancouver’s music scene knew a bunch of comedians and that they were pretty much interchangeable with the musicians in our scene. Whoever she was talking to remarked that this was unusual and didn’t happen wherever they were from. This got our respective brains percolating. Though we’ve mentioned some comedy in Discorder the past, there’s a lot going on in town.

We felt that Vancouver’s comedy scene is big and cool and awesome enough that we could devote an entire issue to it, and pretty much all of our features this month tie to the theme of humour and comedy in some way. Take a look at the hardest working comedian in town, Graham Clark, on page eight, explore Vancouver’s vibrant improv scene with an article from one of its key players, Kaitlin Fontana, on page 16; then take a look at all the other players we had space to cover in our short profiles on funny people, starting on page 12. When you’re done with that, take a look at the interview with the host of CiTR’s Laugh Tracks on page 38. Even the one “normal” band interview we did (the SSRIs on page 36) surprisingly worked out to be on the lighter jokey side of things.

Another organization in town that recognizes the talent and wonderfulness of our local comedians is Music Waste. They have an entire segment called Comedy Waste in which many of the people we talk about will be performing. We love Music Waste so much that we really, really wanted to print their program guide, which you can find in the middle of our magazine (page 19) in an easy-to-rip-out segment. Rip it out, consult the map, make your plans and enjoy Music Waste, Art Waste and Comedy Waste. It’s put together by and will feature our favourite people in town.

Until next month,
Jordie Yow