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Rah Rah

Breaking Hearts

Young Soul

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Rah Rah is some of the most easily listenable and enjoyable music this reviewer has had the pleasure to bat for. This Regina, Saskatchewan band has a sweet knack for taking plucky high-energy songs, rounding the edges and softening the insides for easy heart access. But it’s not all popcorn farts and jelly tarts. While the music is light hearted enough to keep you feeling fuzzy, it carries a political edge designed to make you think, but then it will also be the first to remind you not to take stuff so seriously.

Like a one-two punch, Breaking Hearts begins perfectly with “Arrow,” a tight and quick paced number that, like a little arrow of intention, finds its mark and delivers. What follows is a dozen full-bodied song-tales that reach for the heights of Broken Social Scene-like indie rock urgency as well as beer and tear stained seafaring folk songs for the lonely. What is lovely about the album is that the band hasn’t changed their sound drastically but have matured and improved upon it, stitching together some of the catchiest music this side of the border.

Like tea with a cute friend, a drunken dust up, or a breakup on a perfect summer day, Rah Rah’s music is refreshing, surprising, beautiful and heart-breaking. However, like that good friend, it will stick with you and remind you to see the beauty in it all.