River Vintage

Standing inside River Vintage during the seventh edition of the singer/songwriter event For the Sake of the Song Sundays (FSSS), I whisper to my friend…


Late on a Thursday evening, hunkered down in a basement jam space crammed end-to-end with sparkly drum kits and vintage synthesizers and covered floor to…


I’m unsure how many bands have their names bestowed upon them by mysterious strangers at Vancouver’s Funky Winker Bean’s, but I can assume that Peace…

Nü Sensae

“Ok, so we wanna be sponsored by what so far? Beer, a gas station; BP, cause I think it would be easy.” Daniel Pitout is…

Under Review


Real Live Action

Andrew Bird

with Laura Marling.
April 10 @ The Vogue.

Sun Araw

w/ Matthewdavid, Diva, M. Geddes Gengras, and Evy Jane, at the 3-D Mini Music Fest