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New Age EP

Sweet Knuckle

Review by Jacey Gibb

Jordsy - New Age EP

It’s hard to anticipate what kind of melodies an artist named Jordsy will be treating you to. Primarily known for his work with post-punk group Burnt Witch Survivors Group, Jordsy’s solo music acts as a showcase for the immense potential bubbling out of the homegrown Manitoban, as demonstrated by his latest EP, New Age.

Opener, “Safe in Sound,” provides the perfect icebreaker, introducing the listener to a world of fuzzy vocals and janglin’ tambourines. Everyone’s favourite handheld percussion also figures prominently into “Hmmm,” a wandering, rang tangling number, rich with uncertainty and one-sided romancing.

By the time titular track, “New Age,” comes along, the EP has reached its halfway point, marked by wobbling vocal accompaniment and accumulating a brief combined barrage of drums and guitar.

“We got a crisis here,” Jordsy echoes throughout the closing track, appropriately titled, “Crisis.” Breaking the tone established throughout the rest of New Age, the final number acts as a slower, folkier piece with undertones of Dylan, complete with escalating vocals and somber harmonica bits.

The 16 minute runtime seems all-too-short, considering the breadth covered by the EP. New Age traverses a globe of sounds, criss-crossing genres into an entrancing mosaic, and giving listeners a mere taste of the greatness sure to come from Jordsy.