Little Red Sounds

“Produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds.” It’s a sentence you see a lot these days if you’re even the slightest bit involved with…

Art Signified

Art Signified hit the ground running two years ago. As I walk from The Bottle Shop liquor store to Suna Studios with Mitch Ray and…

Jordan Koop

“Steve really made us feel like peers when we were in the studio. He had his hero/mentor when he was starting out and fully understood…

Sur Une Plage

“It’s called the balloon factory because the landlord says that’s what it was before, but no one believes him. No one believes him for a second that there was actually a balloon factory in a sketchy basement in east Vancouver.”

Pacific Rhythm

As with the now-extinct Blockbuster or endangered bookstore, you’re far more likely to see a record shop boarding up its windows than opening its doors…

Under Review


Prehistoric (Wiener Records)

Best Suit

Best Suit (JAZ Records)

Skim Milk

Skim Milk (Self-Released)

Real Live Action

Viet Cong

with Freak Heat Waves, Apache Sweater
March 28 @ The Biltmore


w/ Dada Plan

Ariel Pink

with Jack Name
February 11 @ The Rickshaw Theatre


with So Pitted
February 5 @ Zulu Records