Under Review

Energy Slime

New Dimensional


Alex Lenz


If you happen to have a spare 13 minutes in your life and you’re looking to fill that time void with something strange to listen to, New Dimensional may be your perfect fit. Yes, it’s incredibly short in length, and so is each of the ten songs that comprise the album. This new sound from Energy Slime is a sucker-punch to the face of eclectic pseudo-psychedelic tracks that make you want to get really weird.

This isn’t the first rodeo for frontman Jay Arner. If you’ve listened to his self-titled solo album, New Dimensional is going to sound like a chemically-soaked, kid-pop rendition of his previous work. Now joining hands with Jessica Delisle, this duo’s camaraderie is evident on the album. With song titles like, “Graham Fucks The Queen” and “So Long Snakes,” many of the tracks on New Dimensional seem like they were written based off of inside jokes between these two on an acid trip. Fantastical and fairytale-esque, this album is creative in an oddly intimate way, like the rainbow-coloured vomit from two peculiar psyches.

New Dimensional is a beautifully inclusive album that fosters an instantly personal connection with listeners. There are no pretensions — what you hear is what you get — and Energy Slime certainly doesn’t flinch at proudly showcasing their oddities. However, what the album breeds in zest, it lacks in maturity. At times, discombobulation reigns supreme over sophistication when the latter would be preferable. New Dimensional is sporadic, messy, and frankly, slimy. The harmonies are all over the place and there is a lack of cohesive flow. That being said, the energetic and offbeat pace of the album are what make it the candid and truthful voice that it is.

New Dimensional is truly a piece of art; a piece of colourful abstract art that you look at a million times but never truly understand, which is why you keep looking at it.