Pale Red

The Cézanne Of Soft Opening

“Songs are rarely static because we are people, so also rarely static.”

Chapel Sound

More Than Music

“I know that some other collectives have been criticized for being predominantly white men. I think we can be kind of proud that we’re not that.”

The Courtneys

Effortlessly Courtneys

“I think we gave more respect to our creative chemistry, by pushing ourselves harder to find the best versions of the songs.”


A Conversation With Instruments

“I think that any musical style or genre is going to lose relevance if it starts to become more about nostalgic tropes than about reinvention.”

Overdose Crisis

Why We Need The Opioid Awareness Day Of Action

“Summarizing Vancouver poet-warrior Bud Osborn’s protests in Raise Shit, when waging war on drugs, it becomes a war on addicts.”

Under Review

Real Live Action

Quiet City #31

w/ Brandon Nickell, Kevin Drumm, Cameron Shafii, Christian Carrière, Rusalka