Hot Head

Reported As Spam

Jealous and Fugly

This is a call out to “bands” whose sponsored ads I report as spam every time they show up in my feed. Specifically ones that have every social media platform on lockdown, 20 photoshoots under their belt, 4 or 5 signature sexy matching outfits before they have any music for me to listen to. You are forcing me to judge you on what you present primarily: your outfits and your aggressive social media campaign. I dare not say any of this to my peers in the music scene because a) I will be seen as not “sex-positive” or a bad feminist b) hordes of white knights will rush to the defense of the helpless “Susans” who are *nice* and need your blind support. I’m sorry but a) I am not judging anyone on their sexual liberation, but I refuse to conflate self-commodification with feminism. I am maybe also sick of having being a female musician something I hold sacred and comes with great social and emotional barriers for most be represented by pale skinny bodies under the guise of sex-positivity, and having that be the fastest way to get recognition and praise in my community [read: white supremacy, beauty privilege] and b) I refuse to patronize anyone because they are female. I actually hold them to a higher standard. I expect better. I would love to criticize you on the merits of your art or music, but unfortunately your outfits are all I have to work with right now.


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