Freak Heat Waves

The Future that Already Happened

Everyone loves Hockey Dads. Find out why you should too.


Thirty years of Discorder Magazine archived through UBC Library 

Vancouver, BC (February 24, 2015) – Indie music aficionados can now comb through a 30 year online archive of one of Vancouver’s longest running magazines, Discorder,…

Did You Die

“Life is only as complicated as you make it,” according to the members of Did You Die. Take their name, for example. Attention-grabbing and direct,…

Fundrive 2015

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Everyone has their own story of how their relationship with CiTR or Discorder began. My story starts in February of 2013, when I signed up…


“I thought I was going to get kicked out of the band,” admits BRASS frontman Devon Motz. We’re sitting in Motz’s apartment on a blustery…

Neu Balance

Best enjoyed while lying on the floor next to speakers and a subwoofer set to max, Neu Balance’s Rubber Sole is a record ideal for…

Under Review


Consent (That’s Cool)

in contra.

little church (Self-Released)


Nervous (Constellation)


It’s Midnight… The Witching Hour (Razorback)

Rec Centre

Monster of the Week (Self-Released)


Sea Island

Real Live Action


w/ The Rita, Mass Marriage

Julie Doiron

with Jon Mckiel, Knife Pleats
February 17 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Black Breath

with Baptists, Auroch, Amnesian
January 16 @ The Astoria

The Pretty’s

Album Release w/ The Secrets, Skinny Kids, Les Chaussettes, Sexy Decoy
January 16 @ The Kremlin

Yukon Blonde

with Fountain
January 15 @ The Biltmore


with The Lion and Combine the Victorious
December 18 @ The Hindenburg

1080p Christmas party

with The Courtneys, Watermelon, Gal Gracen
December 12 @ The ANZA Club

White Lung

w/ Mormon Crosses, Flowers & Fire


with Sumac and Balance
December 4 @ The Rickshaw Theatre


with Absolutely Free
December 3 @ The Biltmore