War Baby

Surviving Death Sweats

“[Survival] is a dog at a rescue shelter, and desperation is a dog at the show. It’s gross. This, the album, is so much more important.”

Sofar Sounds

And Yet So Close

“Hopefully it feels different than just going down to the old watering hole to catch a live band.”

Nordic Trax

Rewinding House Music

“You’ll only know after the fact, when the EDM wave is dead and considered unfashionable by the very people who embraced it, whether it really did trickle down or whether it confused things and ended up getting more people involved in the cheesy side of it.”

Skim Milk

Bringing A Light Glow

“A good decade and a half into learning [the clarinet] I realized that it’s essentially irrelevant unless I choose to do something else with it.”


Comfort in Contradiction

“I wish I could hear what it sounds like for the first time.”

Lt. Frank Dickens

Get Sunburned

“I think a record store should be a place where people’s strange ideas are allowed to flourish and develop, for them as people or musicians or artists or just human beings.”

Under Review


Houti Kush


The Colours of Life



Real Live Action


w/ Chad VanGaalen, Samantha Savage Smith


w/ Allie X


w/ Mormon Crosses, Knife Pleats