Our 30th Birthday Bash!

That magazine from CiTR 101.9 turned 30 this year, so let’s party! Come boogie at the Biltmore with us to celebrate. 4 bands! $10 at…

Charlie Demers

A UBC professor. A published author of fiction and non-fiction. The 1998 team captain for the Canadian high school world debate team. All of these…

La Chinga

Vancouver’s musical landscape is painted with everything from shoegaze to hip-hop. Its rock ‘n’ roll culture isn’t always quite as visible though. Discorder sat down…


“It had to happen now. Had to.” Philoceraptor’s Steve Mann is answering a question on why now was the right time to release a full-length…

Naomi Kavka

Have you ever dreamt of a place you’ve never been to? A place that exists, perceptibly perhaps, in the imagination, though you’re certain of its…

Under Review



C. Diab

Interludes   (Independent)

Colin Stetson

New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light


Pineapple EP (Independent)


Real Live Action


w/ Rapid Loss, Koszmar, and E.O.P.