Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

Lean on cash but eager to invest in some new tunes, I was perusing the CD sale rack at Audiopile four years ago. This area of the store fit the two-point criteria of a section destined for C-List music (cheap and nearly obsolete), so my expectations were low. But spending four dollars on a band I’d never heard of could also lead to an entirely new discovery. Or at least a slick frisbee and some creative fodder.

I kneeled on the floor scanning dozens of spines and stopped on one with promise. Not a mega-fan of the Black Keys, but a enough to drop a few toonies on a used CD, I plucked this album out and said to myself, “Self, decent score. Let’s call it a day.” So I paid and went home to deploy the compact disc technology necessary to listen to it.

A few days later I transferred the new-to-me album to my computer and then my mp3 thingy and listened to it en route to wherever I was off to. My ears were flooded with high-pitched screeching guitar, marching drums, and pulsing bass. I was pleased with the edginess of the album so far, and could understand why I hadn’t heard it on the radio. But when the strained vocals came in after the 1:30 mark, it only took another thirty seconds to realize I wasn’t listening to Dan Auerbach. Turns out my eyes had processed Black Keys, but it was actually the Black Eyes. Since hearing “Someone’s Had His Fingers Broken” by accident for the first time, I’ve grown to like that 2003 self-titled album quite a lot.

It’s not a very interesting story, but it’s a reminder that exploration and open mindedness can be fruitful. Also, four bucks can go a long way.

Whether you approach May with apathy, reckless abandon, or vitality, vim, and vigour, know that there are a dump truck-load of happenings to take that attitude to. In the pages ahead, we talk about the local indie press movement, discuss local trio Philoceraptor’s Stop Ruining Fun, and revisit the infamous Slow concert at Expo ‘86, along with heaps of other great news and reviews. Finally, if you missed our first-ever issue launch party at the Cobalt in April, we hope to see you at the May launch on the third. If we don’t see you there, then come to Discorder’s 30th birthday party and annual fundraiser at the Biltmore on May 31! There will be tons of great local bands who have graced these pages over the past three decades and all proceeds will go toward keeping this magazine motoring for at least another 30 years.

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman

P.S. May is the final issue with Under Review Editor and high-kicker extraordinaire, Jordan Ardanaz, at the helm. After over a year of running a stellar section, he’s moving on and we’re wishing him all the best. We’ll miss you, sir! Stay tuned to see who steps in next month.