Ruffled Feathers

This week, the Ruffled Feathers are debuting a really exciting video called “Blueprints For Our Failed Revolution.” The video, premiering May 11 at the Biltmore,…

Man Man

Top Drawer Philadelphia-based idiosyncratic visionaries Man Man are bound to turn heads with their fourth album, Life Fantastic––an emotional saga set to an infusion of…


Picture this: A wild troupe of half-nudes tromping around a roaring blaze of flames, systematically stomping out primitive beats and flailing their arms in the…

Miracle Fortress

Maybe Lately Graham Van Pelt is a swiss-army knife of musical talent. As the man behind the Montreal-based solo project Miracle Fortress, he acts as…

Heavy Chains

Discorder recently caught up with local thrash/noise band Heavy Chains in their studio on Hastings. Speaking above the din of other artists working and drinking…

Under Review

Fa Fa Fa

What Made Those Holes and Rents


Real Live Action

Safety Show

w/ The Falklands, Hermetic & Onward Voyageur

Apollo Ghosts

with Role Mach, Korean Gut, Indian Wars & Master Chef & Unnamed Guided By Voices Cover Band,, April 9 @ Lanalou’s

Hot Panda

w/ Boats, Tariq, and Chris-a-riffic

Moon Duo

w/ Young Prisms & Von Bingen

Bright Eyes

with Titus Andronicus, April 8 @ Commodore Ballroom

Shaunn Watt

w/ Andy Dixon, Andrew Lee, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear & Attica!Attica!

Yo La Tengo

February 19 @ Rickshaw Theatre