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Review By Eden Imbeau

Everything I Have
It is without a doubt that Colin Huebert’s experience playing drums, percussion and glockenspiel with Great Lake Swimmers has served him well on his self-titled debut from his new band, Siskiyou. Taking the driver’s seat, Huebert exercises mysteriously foreboding vocals, leading listeners through the trees of Siskiyou County, California, home of Bigfoot’s darkening forest.

The first track, “Funeral Song,” defies our judgements of sorrow, presenting a scene where a ghost laughs as he flies above its mourners. Between Huebert’s own laughter and the howling noises that his fellow band mates create, the album’s mysterious tone is set.

“Everything I Have,” one of the most upbeat tracks on the album, explores the controversial feelings that come with giving your life to someone you love—so much so that they become your “enemy.”

“Hold It In” is the collection’s most blatant love song, since Huebert is inclined to question the reciprocity of “this land” more than his lady friends. Uttering that he’s “Never going home / Cause [he’s] never had a home,” Huebert tends to displace himself from his lover.