Under Review

Out Of Sight

Demo 2011


Review By Sarah Charrouf

In just over seven minutes, local straight edge hardcore band Out Of Sight delivers the heaviest demo this side of Washington, D.C. The four-track album starts strong with “Intro/Waste,” as Alex Schollen kicks things off with a steady, pounding drumbeat. Guitar and bass, played by James Graf Dunseith and Stephanie Jurek, respectively, soon jump before vocalist Chad Mackenzie growls his moral declarations of veganism and abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Listeners might imagine a room of guys pacing back and forth, kicking and punching the air to the band on stage. Anyone that has been to a hardcore show has probably seen this happen. The next three tracks on the album are equally punchy. Listeners might find it hard to pick a favorite between “Fraud,” “Count the Years,” and “Worst Kept Secret”—every song shreds as hard as the last.

As far as hardcore goes, Out Of Sight delivers a perfect example of short, fast songs with powerful breakdowns, heavy vocals from Mackenzie, as well as catchy gang vocals from the rest of the band. If I’ve convinced you that you have to listen to this demo, it can be found on their Bandcamp page.