Signal and Noise 2011

Ever shot through a hole in a dimension on your way to another universe? If you have, I hope you’re okay, because those rifts in…


With a dark pop sound that both chills you to the bone and makes you want to dance, Toronto’s Austra—singer Katie Stelmanis, bassist Dorian Wolf…


Upon first hearing Cloudsplitter’s name, it’s easy to conjure up images of a loud, assailing, hardcore metal band that takes itself deplorably seriously. One can…

Indian Wars

8 Feet High Picture this: you’re sitting on a deck covered by a tin roof as the rain falls above you. A tall, long-haired man…


With their friendship spanning over a decade, it’s clear the five musicians in Womankind are more “old buddies” than “new band mates.” Having just celebrated…

Chains of Love

All The Time Breaking My Heart Waiting in a brightly lit but agreeable café promising all-you-can-eat chocolate fondue before an interview with Vancouver’s Chains of…

Under Review




Real Live Action

Wyrd III

May 22 @ Waldorf Hotel


w/ AgesandAges


w/ The Jolts, Piggy & White Lung