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Hunx & His Punx

Too Young To Be in Love

Hardly Art

Review By Adam Clarke

Dream On Little Dreamer

The sounds of ‘60s pop music are blended with the raw power of garage punk on Hunx & His Punx’s sophomore set, Too Young To Be in Love. It’s a phenomenal album.

“Lovers Lane” is reminiscent of “Da-Doo” from the Little Shop of Horrors musical, featuring the soulful harmonies of Hunx’s all girl backing band. Hunx’s spoken word section, meanwhile, adds a seductive feeling to the song. “Tonite Tonite” has an incredible opening, with punky guitars and sharp drums compelling listeners to play it non-stop. “He’s Coming Back” has a chorus that encourages one to sing along, even more so than the album’s other infectious tracks.

All the songs on this record are great, with not a weak moment to break the momentum that builds throughout. As a whole, it’s well-structured, with each song flowing into the next. Hunx is a great vocalist and frontman; he sings with an energy and seductiveness that accents his songwriting. The album title is a misnomer, though, as Hunx proves he can sing with the passion of man in love. Hunx, in tandem with his stellar band, has created an album with the potential to become a garage rock classic.