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Savage Furs

Savage Furs


Review By Adam Clarke

Thrones Of Young Ice

Savage Furs’ self-titled EP is not an album that is immediately entertaining. Only after three play-throughs of the album was I able the appreciate the musical abilities of the band.
Dance rock in the vein of Bauhaus combined with Depeche Mode, the album has varying degrees of success in living up to its influences. The initial track, “Thrones of Young Ice,” is a fun start to the album. The vocals are reminiscent of Morrisey’s singing on “How Soon is Now?” and the synth lines elevate the song to greater heights. “Sick Lamborghini” is the standout song, featuring a catchy chorus that I found myself humming throughout the day. The Club Mix version of the song is not as good, though, sacrificing the tight arrangement in favour of a relatively bland club vibe. “Mohair Metal” and “Asphalt Sorcery” are not as strong either; they are ultimately boring tracks that act more as filler than as exciting content. “Mohair Metal” has a verse that is unable to hook the listener, and the song lacks easily identifiable sections. This lack of structure may turn some listeners off. “Asphalt Sorcery” does have a definite structure, but the lack of passion on the song results in a performance that seems to pad an EP that should have been released as a single.