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Love Cuts

Love Cuts


Review By Ashly Kissman

What Vancouver’s Love Cuts lacks in talent and experience, they make up for in attitude. The first track off their five-song, self-titled EP, “Hi, Smile, Wave,” opens with a simple garage-rock guitar melody before a slightly off-kilter drum beat comes in. When the rhythm and melody do sync to the same tempo, however, the result is a punchy and sweet punk song.

Love Cuts was originally released on their Bandcamp page. The site features a photograph of the three— Kaity McWhinney (vocals, guitar), Cheryl Carpenter (drums) and Tracey Vath (vocals, bass)—sitting on a bed, wearing plaid and drinking beer. The EP was recorded and produced by B-Lines bassist Adam Fothergill.

The lo-fi beats, shouted lyrics, and imperfect yet undeniably catchy melodies of “Lone Wolf ” recall girl punk legends Le Tigre and Heavens To Betsy. The track is loud, in your face, and unapologetically honest in its rebelling against conformity. But instead of singing about feminist issues associated with the riot grrrl movement of their predecessors, the rest of the songs on the EP focus on simpler themes.

“Moon Friend” is about the day turning into night, while “I Will Kiss Anyone” is pretty self explanatory. “Mimes” is the most original track on the album, describing moments when you just don’t want to talk to anyone, not even your roommate, sibling or significant other. The honesty and simplicity of the band’s lyrics fused with their garage sound is the true appeal of Love Cuts. Want more? Nominal Records is set to release this EP as a seven-inch in June.