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On The Air: Duncan’s Donuts

Interview By Robert Fougere

Photo by Robert Fougere
Photo by Robert Fougere

Duncan McHugh has been providing his fans and listeners with an easily accessible tunnel to the pop underground for just over four-and-a-half years. His show, Duncan’s Donuts, is truly eclectic and McHugh is the first to admit that he has a broad definition of pop. So broad, in fact, that you could catch him spinning anything from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds to Tonetta, to local artist Tom Whalen’s latest so-new-it-doesn’t-even-have-a-MySpace-yet project, all on the same show. There is, however, a definite focus on local music and events. It’s not so much intentional as it is a side effect of the fact that he truly loves the local music scene. McHugh often invites friends and colleagues to co-host his show and the banter between sets is as intelligent and entertaining as college radio comes.

Discorder: What made you want to have a radio show?

Duncan McHugh: I had been volunteering around CiTR, doing non-broadcast stuff; writing for

Discorder. Then I started doing fill-ins and finally, after a while I was like, “It’s time! I gotta just do my own show. I gotta put it out there, take the risk and make the leap.”

D: What’s been your most memorable on-air moment?

DM: My fourth anniversary show happened during last year’s Fundrive and Fine Mist, who have been guests on my show a bunch, came in and made knock-off Subway sandwiches as a fundraiser. They took orders over-the-air and delivered them later that day. That was pretty special.

D: Who’s been your best guest?

DM: Getting to talk to [K Record’s recording artist] Jeremy Jay was pretty exciting, even though he wasn’t a great interview! And I’ve had a lot of great local bands come in too. It’s kind of hard to pick from all of them.

D: Which album would you bring to a deserted island?

DM: I would say the first Beat Happening album. The yellow one, I think it’s self-titled. It’s really held up. I can still listen to as much as I used too.

D: What is your favourite CiTR show (aside from your own)?

DM: It’s a tie between Parts Unknown and Pop Drones. Both Chris [-a-riffic] and Mark [Richardson] put out an amazing show each week and I find it super inspiring to listen to them.

D: What does the future hold for Duncan’s Donuts?

DM: I don’t know. I put out a record this past year with Mint Records for the Fundrive [The CiTR Pop Alliance compilation]. That was a big accomplishment. I don’t know how I’ll top that this year. Hopefully more guests… and maybe a Facebook page?!
Duncan’s Donuts airs Thursdays from 12 to 1pm