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Forever Cascadian

Review By Andy Resto

Fans of The Strokes’ Is This It, Vampire Weekend and Bloc Party should take a breather and check out Eeek!’s new self-titled EP; it includes the same genuine passion and surprising diversity. Local trio Eeek! is able to develop a sound that calls to mind such notable modern indie rock acts while skillfully crafting songs that avoid monotony. Take the group chant throughout “Andy &,” or the gradual instrumental build-up of “Potential” as proof. Also, take note of the vocals, which vary from clear-headed young singer/songwriter, to hoarse, punk rock angst, to undulating moaning—as on “Lake Soux” and “Cascadia.”

Versatility characterizes this debut. The anger, unhappiness and instability brought on by the music itself is almost distilled, or more accurately, complemented, by the great energy which seems to underlie the creative process. There is room to grow and develop, certainly, but for now, Eeek! seems to be in the right place.