Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Gregory Adams

Music Waste scarred me for life. Well, maybe that’s a bit harsh. Let me rephrase that: I scarred myself, physically and emotionally, at Music Waste. About eight years ago, my old band played at Pat’s Pub as part of the fest’s activities. From what I recall, it was a total blast up until halfway through our set when I let loose what had to have been one hell of a scream, lost control of my motor functions and collapsed right into the pointed, wooden corner of a Juno 60. I don’t remember much beyond that, but I can assure you I got through the rest of the performance with a stream of crimson trickling down my face and an abnormal pounding in my head. Truthfully, the gouge on my forehead was only about two milimetres wide, but I went to London Drugs the next day and bought a tube of scar remover and rubbed it on the spot religiously over the next several months. If you look real close—and I should warn you, please don’t, it’ll freak me out—you can see it, but it’s maybe about a sixteenth the size of Harry Potter’s lightning scar.

Without getting too misty-eyed, Music Waste is one of my favourite times of the year. For the better part of a week, everyone is electrified, bouncing from venue to venue, checking out bands both old and new on the cheap. Quite frankly, the d.i.y. fest brings out the best of the city’s underground scene. Over the years, organizers have brought in art and comedy into the event, and it’s proved how much culture we have to enjoy in *cough* No Fun City. On another note, with the official mascot of Music Waste 2011 being a lobster, can we add some catered events to the fest too? Just don’t call it “Food Waste.”

Three of our features this month (Chains of Love, Cloudsplitter and Womankind) are playing Music Waste. There’s a great calendar in the middle of the issue lovingly designed by our art director that tells us when these shows, not to mention every other event, are happening. Check it out!

As great as the fest is, let’s not forget there’s still a lot going on in the city. Another of this month’s featured bands, local garage rockers Indian Wars, just put out a new album. Have you heard it yet?

So, yeah, let’s celebrate like crazy this month, but remember, we can be partying like this all year long. The Fringe Fest, Olio and Victory Square Block Party are just around the corner, and you can pretty well catch great local bands at venues city wide no matter the month.

I lied guys, I got a little misty-eyed. I’m wiping tears and Dermatix scar gel from my face with one hand while typing with the other.

Discorderly yours,
Gregory Adams