Artists’ Picks of 2012

Brasstronaut [May feature artists] LOCAL: Japandroids, Celebration Rock These songs really are a celebration. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard a song quite as…

Portage & Main

Vancouver band Portage & Main, have a familiar ring to their name. Although ostensibly titled by the windy and biting Winnipeg cross streets, the group…

Staff Picks of 2012

  Jordan Ardanaz [Under Review Editor] LOCAL: The New Values, The New Values. A spitfire of spastic, thrashy punk that pushes all the right buttons,…


It’s late autumn, the air crisp and chilly as the wind rises, scattering leaves wildly, making everything burst with a strange and strangled beauty. The…

Miami Device

It is possible that Vancouver’s Miami Device, after years of grinding the pavement, have learned to be as adaptable as their city’s urban landscape. Move…

Under Review


Real Live Action

Shindig Finals 2012

w/ Teapot Hill, Praying for Greater Portland, and Greenback High

If We Are Machines

w/ Limbs Of The Stars, Jung People, Man Your Horse, and Trail Of Broken Treaties

Blackbird Blackbird

with Teen Daze, and Noble Oak.
October 10 @ Fortune Sound Club.


w/ featuring In Medias Res.

A.C. Newman

with Harriet, and The Mynabirds.
October 08 @ Biltmore Cabaret.

Wrong Wave Festival

Spectrum Interview + Merlyn Chipman,
with Stefana Fratila + Ronan Nanning-Watson,
and Neu Balance.
November 7 @ The Waldorf.